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Top Drain Clearing and Rooter Services in KC

A sewer or drain backup or clog can be a very stressful situation. Trying to resolve a clog on your own can cause further damage to your pipes, which is why we are proud to offer professional plumbing services and drain cleaning services in Kansas City, Overland Park, KS, and the entire KC metro area performed by experienced local plumbers.

Kansas City Drain Cleaning

Whether it’s a fixture trap, drain, sewer line or gas line; Plumbline Plumbing can provide professional consultation to answer your questions, help you understand your options, and remove the clog causing you trouble. We don’t just unclog your drain; we thoroughly clean your pipes to ensure it is open and flowing properly to prevent future back-ups. You can rest assured we have the drain cleaning experience and equipment to get your problem resolved fast and effectively.

Our Kansas City Drain Cleaning Services include:

  • Kitchen and sink drains: Sometimes what goes down your garbage disposal can cause your kitchen and sink drains to clog, our experts can help to unclog your drains to ensure optimal draining
  • Laundry drains: If the drain for your laundry is clogged the clothes can pile up fast, call us to get that drain flowing quickly again.
  • Mainline cleaning: If you see gurgling water in your tub or shower or the toilet water rising or bubbling when you run your bathroom sink, you may need a mainline cleaning. Our Master Plumbers can efficiently clean your mainline to get your issue resolved.
  • Hydro jetting: One of the newest technologies in drain cleaning using a high-pressure blast of water down the drainpipe which forces waste to be removed.
  • Camera pipe inspection: Often it’s difficult to determine where you have a problem in your drain lines. Camera pipe inspection allows real-time video to see the problem and pinpoint the blockage before it causes long-lasting damage. Once the camera identifies the problem, a plan to repair can then be made and resolved quickly.
  • Floor drains
  • Sewer gas diagnosis and resolution

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Properly functioning drains are essential to the health and safety of your home. Are you worried about your drains? Are you wondering if your drains are clogged? Interested in cleaning your drains preemptively to avoid future issues? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, check out our top FAQs about Kansas City drain cleaning below.


What Are The Signs of A Clogged Drain?

A number of signs can indicate a clogged drain. If water is draining slowly in your sinks and tubs, something may be clogging the pipes. Similarly, if you flush the toilet and then water backs up into your sinks or tubs, a blockage may be preventing the sewer water from leaving the house.

Also, in some cases, you may hear excessive gurgling in your pipes. Additionally, you may notice bad odors. The odors can come from rodents stuck in the pipes or other rotting biological materials such as hair or food.


Can You Get Rid of Clogs On Your Own?

If you notice any of the above issues, you can try to remedy the situation yourself. You can buy liquid clog removers at most hardware and even some grocery stores. You simply pour these cleaners down the drain, and they essential eat or break down the clog.

However, you need to be careful. Commercial drain cleaners can irritate your skin and eyes. They can also damage your drains or pipes in some cases. Finally, if you decide to use a clog remover, make sure that you check the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Most drain cleaning products can only be used in sinks or tubs and not in toilets.


When Should You Call A Professional?

Ideally, if you’re having any of the issues listed above, you should call a drain cleaning company as soon as possible. These professionals can find the clog and clean your drains for you. If you ignore the clog, sewage may spill out into your home, leading to expensive cleanup and plumbing repairs that could be avoided.

If you’re trying to solve the issue on your own with clog remover, pay attention to how much you use. If you end up using that product on a regular basis, your drains most likely need professional cleaning help.


How Often Should You Have Your Drains Cleaned?

In most cases, homeowners only need to get their drains cleaned on an as-needed basis. In particular, if you suspect a clog, you should get your drains cleaned by a professional plumber.

However, in some cases, you may want to get your drains cleaned preemptively. If your home has a history of clogs or if your home is older, consider talking with a professional about cleaning your drains.


What Is The Best Drain Cleaning Technique & Method?

The best drain cleaning method depends on the issue you are having with your drains, the age of your pipes, and a few other factors. If you have a blockage in the drains, you may want to hire a professional to clean them with an auger.
Sometimes called a “drain snake”, an auger unrolls into your drain and pushes the clog through the system. You can buy augers, but ideally, you should not use an auger on your own. If you use too much force, you could easily break through the pipes, causing a much bigger problem.

In other situations, especially for pre-emptive cleaning, you should consider a high-pressure water jet. Again, you should always let a professional handle this for you. High-pressure water jets move along clogs, but they also take care of buildup around the edges of your pipes. That includes grease, hair, and other items that may lead to a blockage over time.


About Our Drain Cleaning Company in Kansas City

We started our Overland Park plumbing company at the peak of the housing crisis in 2009. Our Owner and master plumber, David, has decades of plumbing experience and has devoted his life to providing the best plumbing and drain cleaning services in Overland Park, KS and the Kansas City metro. David has committed his career to not only refining his own skills but ensuring his employees are operating at the top of their abilities.

Our eldest son, Bryan, was brought on staff in 2011 as an apprentice. In 2015, Bryan received his Master Plumber license. Bryan is an excellent plumbing technician dedicated to outstanding customer service. Our middle son, Adam, joined the local company in 2016 as an apprentice and specializes in tough to clean drains. If Adam can’t clean a drain, no one can! Rachel worked at Sprint for over 20 years & in 2012 left to take over the daily business operations. Our team of plumbers in KC and Overland Park, KS are experienced and here to help you with your Kansas City drain cleaning, rooter service and plumbing needs.

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Before Hydro-jet sewer drain cleaning in Kansas City.

After Hydro-jet sewer drain cleaning in Kansas City.

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